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a new change


We are excited to announce that
Pete’s Greenhouse is operating under

new ownership.

After 45 years in the Ruthardt family, Pete’s Greenhouse now belongs to the Velasquez family.

a note from Buffy & Darren

about the change

Happy New Year, everyone! We are filled with gratitude as we begin this new year and decade!! So thankful for each of you and your support of our family's business over the years. You have made a difference not only in our lives but in the hearts of everyone that entered our doors. We celebrated our 45th Anniversary in 2019!! Over the years we have collected many memories, surpassed important milestones and cultivated relationships that will last a lifetime. We know there are many more celebrations for Pete's Greenhouse in the future and we have an exciting announcement!!! As of January 1st, 2020 Devin and Jordi Velasquez are the new owners of Pete's Greenhouse! We are excited for all that God has planned for us, for Pete's and beyond thrilled to introduce you to these two incredible people. We have so much respect for them, their love of Pete's, their work ethic, their desire to keep the integrity of the store and offer that same great experience you have come to know over the years. We will be working alongside them in 2020 to make this a smooth transition for everyone involved. We look forward to seeing you in the store and will treasure the years we have spent with you all. 


meet the



Jordi and Devin were both born and raised in Amarillo and have been married for 3 years. They live here with their daughter, Marin. 

The magic of Pete’s Greenhouse has been a part of our relationship since the very beginning. While dating, we found ourselves spending all of our spare moments walking the aisles together. Before long, we grew to know and love the people who were responsible for the beauty and welcoming environment that kept drawing us back. Every gift, every date night, consisted of something involving Pete’s Greenhouse. It was gradually becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives. Now that we are married and have a daughter, our relationship with this special place has continued to grow. It holds a magic for all three of us. For us, Pete’s is a refuge from a world that can often feel too busy and too plugged in. It is a place that represents friendship and love. So, we are privileged and absolutely honored to not just have Pete’s Greenhouse as a part of our lives but to play a part in its ongoing legacy. We are gaining a precious gift from the Ruthardts. We are excited to continue our close friendship, and we look forward to serving our community with the same quality of excellence and dedication that they have shown all of us over the last 45 years. Please come in and see us. We would love to meet you!


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