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We are excited to announce that our Summer Workshop Series is now live! Packed with engaging workshops and hands-on demos, our series is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to cultivate a thriving garden this summer. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gardener, there's something for everyone. Join us and let's grow together!

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Pete’s Greenhouse original roots began to grow in the small town of White Deer, Texas in 1967. Pete Murdock, a retired railroad engineer, initially owned the greenhouse. Pete’s supplied the local community with vegetables, tropical houseplants, geraniums and poinsettias. 

the beginning


In 1974, the Ruthardt family purchased Pete’s Greenhouse with desires to grow the brand and the business. The Ruthardts developed a large wholesale portion of the business and expanded to over 100,000 sq ft of growing space to supply an increasing retail demand as well. They grew and delivered product for stores throughout the Texas panhandle, Oklahoma panhandle and southern Kansas. Pete’s was quickly recognized as a high quality greenhouse, even supplying geraniums to Dallas Cowboy football events. 

the first seeds


In the spring of 1994, Darren and his Mom, Glenda expanded the business to Amarillo and opened up the store, known today, as Pete’s Greenhouse on Canyon Drive. In order to focus on expanding the new Amarillo location they made the decision to build new greenhouses in 1997 and transfer all of the growing operations from White Deer to Amarillo.

planting roots


As a family who believes that true growth requires change, they continued to update, re-think and improve in every area. One new area they began to focus on was an expanded home décor and gift section in the store. This included an upgrade to the look and feel of the store. 

growing Pete's


In 2014 the battle that Glenda faced with her health became even more challenging. Her son, Darren and his wife, Buffy took over the majority of her responsibilities including the growing of her beautiful geraniums…aka…Glenda’s Geraniums. She will be remembered forever and always in our hearts and thought of with every geranium bloom you see in the greenhouse. 

changing seasons


In 2020, after 45 years in the Ruthardt family, Jordi and Devin Velasquez became the new owner’s of Pete’s Greenhouse. Continuing to seek high quality, unique products while offering exceptional customer service. They hold the same desire as the Ruthardt’s - for those who step through the doors to always feel lighter and the experience you have at Pete’s to be inspirational every time. 

new beginnings



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