Monthly tips and advice from the experts at Pete's to keep you caring for your lawn and garden without the guesswork. 



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Make sure all shrubs and cold weather flowers are well mulched to weather the cold.

Your lawn and garden should be kept watered during the winter.

It's till not too late to winterize your lawn and shrub beds.

Start planning your garden and flowerbeds during this time so you're ready when the warm weather returns.

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Christmas is over and all put away and you're feeling a void of green in your house...

Brighten up those spaces in your home or office with the hottest trend going... houseplants.

Pete's had a great selection of houseplants, ranging from fiddle-leaf figs and mass canes to small succulents and hanging baskets.

Another great way to fill that empty space from the holiday season is to group 3 plants of different heights and textures together.

We carry a wide selection of Pottery from Glazed to Terracotta that will dress up those plants.

Make sure you talk to our Greenhouse specialist for any questions you may have or let them create a beautiful dish garden for your home.