Monthly tips and advice from the experts at Pete's to keep you caring for your lawn and garden without the guesswork. 



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Mulch trees and shrubs. Only mulch up to the base (not up the base). Pete's carries a forest mulch well suited for this area that will also provide some nutrients throughout the winter. 

Be sure to mow and continue to water when we are short on rainfall.

Mulch flower beds after planting pansies and all dormant perennials up to the center of the plant.

Plant tulips and daffodils.

Add evergreens, boxwoods, pines, or yews to your empty containers to give life to your patio or entry. 

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Poinsettias are perfect for the Holidays, available mid November at Pete's. 

Plant paperwhite or amaryllis bulbs mid November. Plant now to have blooms to enjoy at Christmas. 


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Mulch your leaves into your lawn and use a Natural Guard (need to check these words) to your lawn to break those leaves down into fertilizer.

Winterize with Fertilome Winterizer. (Available at Pete's)